“Sugar Daddy” by Lisa Kleypas


I don’t even know where to begin….

Little background:

Liberty Jones is the daughter of Diana Jones–Liberty’s father died when she was young during a construction accident. They are a low class family living in trailer parks in a small town called Welcome, Texas. They struggle to pay bills and Diana struggles to find love again; she never settled on one long term relationship after the death of her husband. This eventually leads Diana to become pregnant with a child, Carrington (unknown father), and Liberty helps her mother raise the child. Diana usually tells Liberty that she is leaving for a day and comes back with the bills paid and the food in the pantry and fridge restocked. Thus the concept of the “sugar daddy” comes in. However, this concept is short lived after her mother dies in a car accident due to her current boyfriend. So Liberty raises her sister alone and leaves her small town, goes to school, and works as a hair and nail stylist at a prestigious salon in Houston. There she meets an old man, that she doesn’t know is her mother’s sugar daddy. He proposes to both Liberty and Carrington a place to stay at his Estate, and offers Liberty double the salary that she makes at the salon if she works for him.

I don’t want to say anymore, so please please please get the novel if you are interested! I left out some important details because I don’t want to spoil it for those interested!

Now to say the least, this novel has taken me on an emotional roller coaster.The novel takes place in about 10 years of time, so I noticed Liberty’s dynamic development–the coming of age part in the novel is realistic and relatable.Β The author does an amazing job with the mood, diction, and tone throughout the novel to make you sympathize towards Liberty. Butttt, there are rare times where I do think her actions and the monologue came off as annoying. However, I think it was because I couldn’t relate enough to the character to think what she was thinking. When I got out of the mindset of “selfishness” I started to sympathize towards Liberty, and it made me understand why Liberty made those decisions. Specifically, the actions that she took towards Carrington. Nonetheless, there were at least 3 times where I wanted to rip my hair out, because I would’ve taken different actions than Liberty. I also gasped at least twice during the novel due to pure shock.

If you want a novel that takes you through all of the emoji expressions, then I recommend reading “Sugar Daddy.”


5 thoughts on ““Sugar Daddy” by Lisa Kleypas

  1. Ariana Louise says:

    Loved this book! I like Liberty’s character generally, and LK is so good at building up the story. And the series gets better! The fourth book for me is the best. But i had real joy reading the others too

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