“A Mind For Numbers” by Barbara Oakley


Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since my latest blog post. I blame uni ugh, there are so many assignments to do and just when I think I’m done, I ‘m actually not! Ha! I’ve squeezed in some time to read a book, so jokes on them.

This book is so amazing, especially if you are a college student. It has really made me realize that I am a queen and I am the best I can be for me. I can’t compare myself to other people in academics, because I am my only competition. Oakley has described different ways to think of my studying habits, and provides examples. She didn’t make this effort of studying to be a hassle, in fact, Oakley made me realize what were my goals and how to achieve them. Little known fact was that Oakley hated math and science because she wasn’t good at it, but later got a PhD in engineering. Her point was that, you are never not good at something, you only make yourself fail if you put yourself in that mindset.

This book was a 10/10 I recommend it to everyone! Please read it!

P.S I made a little journal outlining my personal thoughts on this book down below (please feel free to click on the link!) tesfaye_rooket



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