Sausage Party



Although this movie is extremely explicit, disturbing, and offensive, the moral of the story seems to question why we are here and what happens when we die. While exploring that aspect, it also touches on real life situations such as rape, peer pressure, and relationship drama.

Memorable scene:

I remember watching one scene where the douche (the rapist) was feeling weak because he didn’t feel “charged up”, so he picked up a juice box (the victim) and without consent sucked on the juice box. Then tears it up, leaving the juice box not only without a voice but completely inferior to the douche. The director of the movie did a good job making this scene as uncomfortable and realistic as possible. Usually, rape victims feel as if they don’t have a voice and they aren’t as powerful, because of the fear of still being looked down upon. I remember looking away, covering my eyes, and feeling sympathetic towards the victim.

If you have the chance, watch the movie. I promise you will laugh too. The Sausage Party was cleverly produced.