“Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling


Memoirs aren’t my favorite categories of literature, only because I am afraid that I will near the end of a book only to find out that I had no sort of connection or relation to the author’s stories. Nothing depresses me more than a memoir that doesn’t feel like you’re conversing with your best friend.


Mindy Kaling has delivered that memoir feel in her latest book. She was witty and quirky all throughout which led me to some laugh out loud moments–not just the usual blowing air through the nose, if you know what I mean. Her memoir involves her going back in time to share her coming of age; taking power in the entertainment industry and balancing her sanity.

Mindy was a writer/producer of the hit show “The Office.” She uses her work, experience, and knowledge for the show as a stepping stone to create her own show, “The Mindy Project.” The process in which she took me through was inspiring and empowering. She explains how the entertainment industry is male dominated, and the opportunity given to her was able to encourage other women to take charge and be the leader. Reading that chapter* improved my perspective on feminism; don’t be afraid to be assertive, stop being apologetic, and continue to be driven.

Of course there are parts in the memoir where she shares her most traumatic experience, memorable moments (like meeting President Obama and many more), and behind the scenes of her show.

And who doesn’t like the accuracy of sororities explained with references of mainstream media


This is a powerful memoir, that can quite possibly change your life….*cue ominous music*…forever (I’m totally kidding, it’s for good, obviously)

So, thank you Mindy Kaling, I needed this.

*Also continued to be an underlying theme